Emiliano Melchiorre

Ux Designer/ Interaction Designer

I'm a UX Designer with 5 years of experience in different design fields. I recently received my Master Degree in Visual and Innovation Design, where I had the opportunity to explore in further depth the themes of interaction design and UX research.




More about me
  • MA, Visual and Innovation Design @Rome University of Fine Arts

  • BA, Installation Art and Interaction Design @Burg Giebichenstein (ERASMUS)

  • BA, Visual Arts (Painting) @Rome Academy of Fine Arts

  • UX Designer @Usertest/lab

  • Multimedia Designer/Project Manager @TWM Factory

  • Multimedia Designer/Project Manager @LAP

  • UX Research

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • UI/Visual Design

  • Web Design

  • Creative Coding

What i love to do

I love to make amazing stuff with amazing people. User-centered design is my mantra.

UX Design

I'm really passionate about crafting digital (and non-digital) experiences for people.

User Research

As designers, we make things for people. So we always have to understand the people we are designing for. Their needs, problems and desires are not something to take for granted!


Stories have the amazing power to engage us and explain clearly what we want to communicate. Tell me a story and I will pay attention to you!


I consider myself a geek and a techie. Nothing is more rewarding than a working code.

(UX) design is a process

Here you can check some of my works. These are all personal projects that clearly show my design process, how I tackle a problem, etc.

the artist is an explorer

As creative people, we are naturally curious and we like to explore. Here you can find a collection of works where I had the chance to experiment some new ideas or techniques.

Latest Posts

Here you can find some of my latest posts.


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