Project info

  • Author:Emiliano melchiorre
  • Date:2 October 2017
  • Skills:interaction design, arduino, processing, creative coding

shy organisms

Shy Organisms it's an interactive Game of Life. The public can interact with a living virtual organism, altering its development and evolution.

The Game of Life is an example of cellular automata (a mathematical model used to describe the evolution of discrete complex systems) created by the English mathematician John Conway in the '60s. His aim was to show how behaviours similar to life can emerge from simple rules.

In this installation, this fictional world (a simple grid) is populated with different creatures (the squares). They grow and die according to different rules (ex: if a square is surrounded it will die due to overpopulation).

People can alter this behaviour with a sound input (just by walking, or clapping, etc.). These creatures, infact, are afraid of loud noises, and they can grow only in a (almost) silent environment