Project info

  • Author:Emiliano melchiorre
  • Date:23 July 2018
  • Skills:ux design,Interaction design, ui design,visual design


Learnon is a project for an e-learning platform, which aims to foster social inclusion. Learnon has different touchpoints to address different kind of users.A virtual assistant (chatbot) follows the user in their learning process, motivating and helping the student.

It was very important, for this project, to understand how students learn and how they approach e-learning in general. It was really interesting for the team to see, during our data-gathering that, if on one hand e-learning provides several advantages to the user, on the other hand only 13% of e-students finish a course.

After analyzing the previous data, different personas were created. The personas are divided in three types, that represent the three main user categories: the student, the unemployed and the ambitious. Every personas has different needs and goals, skills and desires.

A very important step in this project was to create an information architecture that could put together all the features the system provides, while still being easy to navigate. A main I.A. was created, before making different ones for the various touchpoints, in order to keep the system coherent and clear.

The main feature this project presents is the virtual assistant, i.e. a chatbot that follows and helps the user in every step of their learning. From the early stages during the registration process, until the end of a course, the chatbot provides valuable information that help the student to stay focused and motivated.