Project info

  • Author:Emiliano melchiorre
  • Date:20 september 2016
  • Skills:Brand identity, Web design, Creative coding (processing)


LAP - Laboratory of Art Psychology is a laboratory for interdisciplinary research. It is an incubator of experimental sets and methods, linking the arts, the social sciences and the humanities. Our objective is to develop new forms of experimentation in the artistic field, art publishing, graphic design, photography and interactive education. LAP collaborates with international universities, fine arts academies, public and private museums, galleries and collections, foundations, research centers and laboratories. The Laboratory merges avant-garde theories and technologies with the visual arts. LAP’s experiments enable the viewer to experience the work of art.

LAP’s logo, its visual identity, is inspired by the work of psychologist Fred Attneave; work based on non-sense random shapes. Constantly changing and unpredictable, LAP’s logo takes the viewer on a never-ending cognitive trip

The logo is realized using a code written in processing, and design to produce (given a set of rules) an infinite number of designs, that are able to self generate autonomously.