Project info

  • Author:Emiliano melchiorre, Lisa ceresi
  • Date:15 june 2018
  • Skills:ux design,Interaction Design, Wearable technology, ui design,visual design


Jerome is a real-time translation device that aims to tackle the issue of miscommunication. The device translates every incoming sound into the chosen language in real time and allows the user to translate their voice just by pressing the fingerprint button on the product.

When you travel a lot, or work in an international environment, you know that not being able to communicate efficiently with other people can lead towards several troublesome situations. After different researches, the team and I discovered that this problem was much bigger and more serious than expected.

To tackle this problem, we decided to design an instant translator device that could help the user to communicate in real time and in a natural way (in fact there are several translators on the market, but they are all kind of intricate to use). Simplicity was our main goal.

Jerome presents some peculiar characteristics, when compared to another product. In fact, Jerome has to be used without seeing it (it is, in fact, worn on the ear of the user). This brought us to design an interface with only one button and a feedback system that could be easily seen even just with peripheral vision.

For this project, I took care of the UX of the device, helped choosing the right components according to Jerome’s features and characteristics, and designed the linked app. The design of the product, as well as other things, was made by my friend (and collegue at the university) Lisa Ceresi.

It was very challenging, during the design phase, to design the interaction between Jerome, the user and the speaker. In order to keep this relationship as natural as possible, it was mandatory to accurately map the interaction between all the involved parts. Different tests were run to confirm our hypotheses.