Project info

  • Author:Emiliano melchiorre
  • Date:5 october 2018
  • Skills:ux research, ux design, ui design,visual design


Feeleum is a project for a multichannel service dedicated to Italian museums. It allows the visitors to buy tickets online, explore the museum through personalized tours and to receive more info about the artworks in display.

For this project different research techniques were used. Starting from a previous set of data, concerning the overall customer satisfaction, the team moved to a qualitative research, in order to understand how the users experience the museum, how they gather information inside the structure, etc.

After conducting narrative interviews and a contextual inquiry with the users, all the information gained were used to organize a set of guidelines useful for the further design phase. This data were also used to design personas, scenarios and journey maps.

In this phase, the previous wireframes were prototyped and tested. Two “classes” of prototypes were made: a paper prototype, that was used to quickly test design hypothesis, and a more defined prototype, made in a digital version (using Marvel App). Both prototypes were used to conduct usability tests with users.

Before moving to the final phase (UI and Visual Design), the team designed the information architecture of the service, as well as the user flows and cases. The AR feature of the app was studied using an AR Canvas, that provides more information about the user location during the interaction.