Project info

  • Author:Emiliano melchiorre
  • Date:12 april 2015
  • Skills:Eye tracker (Ogama), Adobe Illustrator, Visual Arts
  • Link:


“Book” is a collection of words that remain unread, words that are invisible to the eyes of the reader.

Using the eye-tracker, I deleted part of the text while reading it. When we read, we usually skip some words that are not useful to the general comprehension of the text, or just words that we avoid for personal reasons.

Thus the observer has to look at this “non-book” trying to recreate the whole meaning of the text only by using the words that are left. This is obviously an impossible task.

That's because the observer must invent a new story, something totally new and different from the original text, its story. The hermeneutic process that takes place is where the work comes to life.